• Public Speaking

    I have over two decade's experience in the entrepreneurial space and have been asked to speak in conferences like:

    Oct 2016

    "Open, Collaborative and Agile, the next Industrial Revolution"


    (Italian Language - English Sub)

    Feb 2017

    "Industrial Agility, how to respond to the 4th Industrial Revolution"


    (English Language)

    May 2017

    "Industrial Agility: come rispondere alla quarta Rivoluzione Industriale"


    (Italian Language)

    Sep 2017

    Tre metri sopra il cielo. Scrum nell'Aeronautica Militare. Saab Technologies Case Study.


    (Italian Language - English Sub)

    Nov 2017

    The 10 eXtreme Manufacturing principles explained during a co-trained class with Joe Justice.

    (English Language)

    Nov 2017

    "Ovunque Agile". Cosa hanno in comune una macchina ecologica, un caccia militare, un robot, una dieta ed un libro? (Italian Language)

    May 2018

    Scrum for Hardware project using the Scrum@Scale framework.


    (English Language)

    Sep 2018

    Agile Organization with Scrum@Scale: Vimar Spa Case Study.


    (Italian Language - English Sub)

    Sep 2019

    Engineering Practices in Scrum for Hardware: Sisma Spa Case Study.


    (Italian Language - English Sub)

    Sep 2020

    Efficient and Effective, The Best of Two Worlds - Pietro Fiorentini Spa Case Study.


    (English Language)

    Feb 2021

    Interview with Agile Lean Tuscany Meetup.



    (Italian Language)

    Jul 2021

    Scrum in Engineering and Construction, Two Case Studies: Net Engineering and Encotech


    (English Language)

  • Interview

    My interviews with the "Officina Agile" Podcast


    Subtitles in Italian and English.

    1. Introduce yourself
    2. What is Scrum for Hardware
    3. Wikispeed and Joe Justice
    4. Scrum for Hardware in practice, Saab Aeronautics
    5. Why a company should need Scrum for Hardware?
    6. How you met Jeff Sutherland?
    7. Origins of Scrum
    8. What is Scrum@Scale?
    9. Agile Transformation and Agile Organization
    10. The most common mistake for those starting with Scrum
    11. Double Interview with Stefano Lucantoni


  • Video Blog

    I share experiences and ideas on my Youtube Channel.