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    Scrum for Hardware Free Download

    Book: Scrum for Hardware

    The first chapter for free

    Discover the SCRUM for HARDWARE pioneers: from Wikispeed to the first Scrum for Hardware Gathering, the Agile Product Charter and Scrum@Scale. The book is divided in three parts: the first one made of stories, the second one with a methodological description, and the third one with Case Studies. This book support WIKISPEED, 50% of the fees goes to the project.

    Basic Canvas English

    Basic Canvas

    PDF Template to print

    The Basic Canvas is the ideal tool to start a business conversation about a new initiative. It could be a new Product, a Service and even a new work group in your organization.

    Value Poker Template

    Value Poker

    XLS Template

    Excel Templates for facilitating Value Poker, a technique to elicit Value from a group of stakeholders taught in my Product Owner class.

    Basic Canvas English

    Machine Learning Canvas

    PDF Template to print

    The ML Architecture Canvas idea comes from my second book "Scrum in AI - Artificial Intelligence Agile Development with Scrum".