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  • Privacy Policy

    Simplified version on the use of email addresses from the contact form.


    (European regulation on the protection of personal data)

    In compliance with the new European Regulation 679/16 (GDPR), we are providing you with the necessary information regarding the processing of the personal data you provide. This is information provided pursuant to Art. 13 of the European Data Protection Regulation.

    The "DATA CONTROLLER", in accordance with Art. 4 paragraph 7 of the GDPR, is "Klimsoft Srl" VAT IT01398480523, based in Siena, Via Nino Bixio 31, email address: info(AT)klimsoft.it.


    The processing will be carried out with both manual and computer and telematic tools in compliance with the regulations in force and the principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency, relevance, completeness and non-excessiveness, accuracy and with logics of organization and processing strictly related to the purposes pursued and in any case so as to ensure the security, integrity and confidentiality of the processed data, in compliance with the organizational, physical and logical measures provided by the provisions in force. Only non-particular personal data will be processed for the purposes expressed in this statement.


    1. Purposes of the processing

    (a) Execution of the contract for participation in events.

    The personal and address data you provide will be processed in order to provide the requested service, i.e. to provide information clarifications and for the administrative management of the participation in the events, courses and activities of the company, for the execution of specific activities and the sending of material related to the events themselves.

    These data are absolutely necessary to be able to provide the services and all related activities, as well as to comply with current legal regulations, and the failure, partial or incorrect provision of such data would make it impossible to interact with the company.

    b) Sending material concerning future similar events and communications.

    Contact information on the registration form will be used to send you communications regarding future free initiatives of the same kind and purpose. Said communications may be made by sending e-mails. The data provided for the aforementioned purposes will be kept for a period of up to 2 years and, in any case, until an explicit request for deletion, which can be provided simply by contacting the owner via e-mail address info@klimsoft.it.

    (c) Voluntary transfer of one's contacts to third parties. Under no circumstances will the data be transferred to third parties, without appropriate authorization from the data subjects.